Okie Dokie DonutsBig Mama owns Okie Dokie Donuts, a very popular and well loved donut shop. Big Mama claims her donuts are so amazing because they are made with love. Sometimes Big Mama worries that it’s all too much for her helper Henry, and wonders if an extra pair of hands in the shop would be best. At that moment, Mr. Mayweather appears with a supposed answer to Big Mama’s prayers, the robot Mr. Baker (Brilliant Apparatus Kooks Every Recipe). Mr. Baker can do everything Big Mama can do and more, including baking 1000 donuts in 40 seconds. This is just what Big Mama wanted, lots of donuts for her busy shop and an extra set of hands, but what about the love that goes into her baking? When Henry accidentally throws the trash into Mr. Baker, what ensues are batches of really disgusting donuts, making Big Mama realize that no robot could replace the love she gives when she bakes.

This is a really fun and “sweet” story with an enlightening moral. The artwork is detailed and very whimsical. Some kids might think the panels are too busy, but once they start reading about donuts they will look past that. The detail gives the artwork movement and really propels the story. Okie Dokie Donuts has wide appeal, with girls and boys enjoying the story. It includes some grossness in the trash donut flavors, things like chocolate fish and strawberry sock flavors, but this adds to the appeal for most kids. I would eat a donut from Okie Dokie donuts, and the next installment will be heartily welcomed.

Okie Dokie Donuts: Open for Business
by Chris Eliopoulos
ISBN: 9781603090681
Top Shelf Productions, 2011

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