Chick & Chickie Play All DayChick and Chickie are friends and they like to do things together. First they make and decorate masks. They are very creative, and while the masks are colorful, some younger kids might be frightened of them; however, this is only a small part of the story, so I would encourage kids to keep reading. Next they play with the letter “A”. They tickle him and throw him, and they are rewarded with sounds of happiness from the letter “A” in the form of Ahhhhhhh’s. They plan to play with the letter “B” tomorrow. There is another part where one of the chicks makes a scary face which is reminiscent of older comics, but overall these elements should not detract from the overall cuteness and humor of the story.

This title is for beginning readers and a great introduction to the comic book format. Each page is one panel and the drawings are emotive, colorful and nostalgic. The colors are bright, and while the drawings seem simple, there is a lot of detail, such as lines to indicate movement, that really bring Chick and Chickie to life. Toon Books are a staple for any beginning reader collection, and Chick & Chickie is no exception.

Chick & Chickie Play All Day!
by Claude Ponti
ISBN: 9781935179146
Toon Books, 2012

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