Amulet, a New York Times bestselling fantasy adventure series by Kazu Kibuishi, has been delighting readers of all ages with its fast-paced storytelling and amazing artwork since the debut of volume 1, The Stonekeeper, in 2008. If you’ve read all seven volumes and are ready for more, why not try some of the following titles while waiting for books 8 and 9?

Alabaster Shadows

Written by Matt Gardner
Art by Rashad Doucet
ISBN: 9781620102640
Published by Oni Press, 2015

Elevator pitch:  Carter and his sister move with their family to Alabaster Shadows, a town where there’s definitely something weird going on.

Why this next: Those who love the young teen protagonists, sibling relationships, and mysteries of Amulet will warm to Alabaster Shadows.

(Contributed by Amy Estersohn)



Written and drawn by Doug TenNapel
ISBN: 9780545418737
Published by Graphix, 2012

Elevator pitch: Cam’s struggling father can only afford a cardboard box as a birthday present for Cam. The two of them shape the box into a man, which, amazingly, comes to lifebut what will happen when the neighborhood bully Marcus gets ahold of the magic cardboard?

Why this next: Some of the major themes of Cardboard are the ability of magic to do either good or evil, and the struggle of responsibility that comes with great power. Amulet deals with these same themes.

(Contributed by Kristen Lawson)

Chronicles of Claudette, vol. 1: Giants Beware!

Written by Jorge Aguirre
Art by Rafael Rosado
ISBN: 9781596435827
Published by First Second, 2012

Elevator pitch: Claudette wants nothing more than to hunt giants. With her best friend Marie, and Marie’s brother Gaston, they are off on an unchaperoned adventure that will take them far from their sleepy village and into all sorts of hijinks.

Why this next: Claudette is another strong female protagonist. Her sidekicks Marie and Gaston are three dimensional and have goals of their own (like becoming a princess and a pastry chef respectively). Plus, with giants, evil wizards, river gods, and witches this is one crazy adventure.

(Contributed by Danielle)

Dream Jumper, vol. 1: Nightmare Escape

Written by: Greg Grunberg
Art by: Lucas Turnbloom
ISBN: 9780545826037
Published by Graphix, 2016

Elevator pitch: Ben has the ability to enter others’ dreams and help them if they’re dreaming about something scary, but doing this every night is starting to take its toll. Ben’s mother takes him to a sleep clinic, where Ben discovers that a powerful nightmare monster has been stalking some of his friends in the dream world.

Why this next: A magical ability that the protagonist must develop, an alternate universe populated with monsters and terrifying threats, and mysterious allusions to the main character’s heritage are all elements in common with Amulet.

(Contributed by Kristen Lawson)

Mighty Jack

Written and drawn by Ben Hatke
ISBN: 9781626722651
Published by First Second, 2016

Elevator pitch: Jack makes what looks like an unwise trade for weird-looking seeds at a flea market, but when his sister plants the seeds fantastic plants and creatures begin to appear in his back yard.

Why this next: The brother-sister team facing incredible plant creatures and threatening magical beings will definitely appeal to Amulet fans.

(Contributed by Kristen Lawson)


The Nameless City, vol. 1

Written by Faith Erin Hicks
Art by Faith Erin Hicks and Jordie Bellaire
ISBN: 9781626721579
Published by First Second, 2016

Elevator pitch: In a city that has been invaded and renamed so many times the natives call it the Nameless City, two unlikely friends stumble upon a terrible threat to their homes. Kai, whose family is part of the most recent invading force, befriends Rat, a native, to discover what’s happening in the Nameless City.

Why this next: Readers who enjoy guessing characters’ shadowy motives in Amulet, or discovering their slowly unfolding backstories, will enjoy this as well. There’s a large amount of action in this story, too.

(Contributed by Kristen Lawson)

Oddly Normal, vol. 1

Written and drawn by Otis Frampton
ISBN: 9781632152268
Published by Image Comics, 2015

Elevator pitch: Oddly, the daughter of a witch and a normal guy, must follow her great-aunt to her mother’s magical homeland of Fignation to discover the fate of her parents, who went missing in a terrible magical accident.

Why this next: Oddly’s exploration of Fignation, and her longing for her missing parents, will strike chords with Amulet fans. The artwork is gorgeous and similar in style and coloring to Kibuishi’s.

(Contributed by Kristen Lawson)

Poptropica, vol. 1: Mystery of the Map

Written by: Jack Chabert
Art by: Kory Merritt
ISBN: 9781419720673
Published by Harry N. Abrams, 2016

Elevator pitch: Oliver, Jorge, and Mya are whisked away on a whirlwind adventure when their hot-air balloon crashes on an uncharted tropical island full of extinct creatures and ancient people. The kids soon find a mysterious, powerful map that enables them to escape…but where will they land next?

Why this next: Otherworldly adventures abound here, and this would be a good match for younger Amulet readers in search of something more action packed and/or with a lighter tone.

(Contributed by Kristen Lawson)

Three Thieves, vol. 1: Tower of Treasure

Written and drawn by Scott Chantler
ISBN: 9781554534159
Published by Kids Can Press, 2010

Elevator pitch: A young girl, Dessa, teams up with a pair of circus performers to raid a royal vault, but uncovers a web of secrets that will lead all three of them on an unforgettable, life-changing adventure.

Why this next: Chantler’s cartooning is impeccably clear, whether navigating a moody, monochromatic flashback or dashing through his many action-packed set pieces. Inter-kingdom intrigue and constantly shifting locations deliver a wide range of vistas and characters across the seven books of this series.

(Contributed by Thomas M)

Zita the Spacegirl, vol. 1

Written and drawn by Ben Hatke
ISBN: 9781596434462
Published by First Second, 2011

Elevator pitch: When Zita’s best friend gets kidnapped by aliens she doesn’t hesitate to leap to his rescue. Soon Zita finds herself in the role of intergalactic hero for more than just her friend.

Why this next: Zita is a spunky and fun heroine who gets to have amazing galactic adventures full of robots, aliens, and intergalactic conspiracies!

(Contributed by Danielle)

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