The Purple SmurfsIn the first story, “The Purple Smurfs,” Lazy Smurf is bit by a Bzz fly, turning him into a rabid purple Smurf that bites others Smurfs, turning them purple too. Papa Smurf is desperately trying to find a cure before the entire village is purple! When he gets bitten and turns purple too, only a miracle will save the village! The second story is called “The Flying Smurf.” While searching for walnuts, a Smurf decides that if he could fly his life would be so much easier. First he makes wings out of hen feathers and when that doesn’t work he tries every way you could think of, often using supplies from his fellow Smurfs, with no luck. Finally, a spell does the trick, but he doesn’t want to fly anymore. The last story is called “The Smurf and his Neighbors.” A Smurf can’t sleep because his neighbors — Lazy Smurf and Brainy Smurf — make too much noise, so he decides to move out. He moves into a hollowed tree in the forest and everything is great for a while, but the animals are noisy and he misses his friends, so he moves back to the Smurf village.

This volume of the Smurfs definitely involves more Smurfs! This is what you want to see when you are picking up a Smurf graphic novel, however, when there are more Smurfs there is more Smurf talk and it can get cumbersome and the kids may have a hard time understanding the language. For example “He’s smurf’ing a long time to cut a smurf”. It’s all in good fun though, so if you can get past that, the stories are wildly entertaining. The artwork is precise and picture perfect of the Smurf world. This is for fans of the old show and new movie alike.

The Purple Smurfs
by Yvan Delporte, Peyo
ISBN: 9781597072076
Papercutz, 2010

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