Review Copies and What We Cover

So, you have a title you’d like us to review?  Great!  Curious about what we cover here at NFNT?  Read on!

First, check out the CBLDF’s Working with Libraries! A Handbook for Comics Creators to get a sense of the audience we serve here at NFNT.  It’s a PDF, and will take no time to read, but it’s packed with info!

What we cover:

  • We DO review graphic novels for children, teens, and adults. When we say graphic novels, we mean graphic novels: so, titles told in the format of sequential art (featuring panels, text, word balloons, and art in sequence).
  • We DO review anime movies and TV programs for the same age ranges and that is available on DVD or Blu-Ray. We cannot review anime that is streaming only.
  • We DO review select prose titles that are directly related to graphic novels, including titles like biographies of comics creators, guides to comics, and critical essay collections.  Nonetheless, our main focus remains on comics.
  • We only review items that are available via book jobbers such as Baker and Taylor, Ingram, or Follett, or those available via distribution rights with a publisher or distributor. Most libraries are limited in terms of what vendors they can use to purchase items and many cannot order from personal websites or Amazon.

What we DO NOT cover:

  • We DO NOT review illustrated novels, story-boarded screenplays, or picture books.
  • We DO NOT review comic books. We only review titles a library can easily collect — bound graphic novels and those prose books directly related to graphic novels. Once comics are collected into a bound edition, we will review it, but not before.
  • We DO NOT review mini-comics, as they are difficult for many librarians to find and circulate. Any books submitted for review should be in a bound paperback or hardcover format.
  • We DO NOT review webcomics. We would like to, and hope to someday, but for right now we can only review webcomics that have been or will soon be published in book form.
  • We DO NOT cover Kickstarter campaigns or crowdfunding for creators or titles at this time. Once your title is printed and meets the above distribution requirements, then we can consider it for review.
  • We DO NOT trade content or links with other sites — everything on NFNT is written by our site staff reviewers.  We do not have guest posts or trade content with other sites.
  • No Flying No Tights is not a “recommend only” review site. We encourage our reviewers to state their full opinions of the strengths and weaknesses of a work, as long as they can back up their thoughts with examples from the work.
  • We cannot guarantee that we will review all titles sent to us, though all are given equal consideration.

If your title meets these requirements, use our review request submission form to send in your title for review. 

Review Request Submission Form

We will not accept review requests except by this form, thanks!

Updated 07/15/2017