The Sisters' LuckUmbra and Antumbra are twins, who together are nothing special, but apart they can cause happiness and pain, impart good luck or bad luck — in other words, complete opposites. After Umbra leaves, both she and her sister lead very different lives. Umbra is beautiful, living a luxurious life stealing good luck just by touching people. Antumbra lives in isolation, in constant fear of being touched because when that happens, the person inevitably dies. Death is the worst luck for anyone and Antumbra can impart that on someone with a simple touch. The only way they can live normal lives is if they live together, cancelling out each others powers, but Umbra wants nothing to do with her twin. When Antumbra seeks out Umbra in hopes to live an ordinary life, she is cast out and rejected by her sister. Unbeknownst to both of them, there are other powers at work. Sergio, also named Seis, is Umbra’s manager, and David, also named Seofon, rescues Anteumbra from certain death. They are brothers and Sergio is looking to use the twins’ powers to rule the world while David is trying to stop him. So begins the ultimate struggle of good vs. evil.

Wow, this story is intense and surprising. There are a few F words and gory moments that included blood, violence and gruesome death scenes. Although in black and white, the death scenes are striking and impactful. The black and white artwork is very sharp and vivid, depicting the scenes perfectly and the emotions flawlessly. There were some instances where color would have been appreciated, especially in describing David who is an Albino. The depiction of the sisters as complete opposites is just right and while the premise isn’t believable and the connection between the sisters and the larger picture isn’t flushed out, it’s still an enjoyable read that will captivate fans of manga. The story is unfinished; hopefully there will be a second volume.

The Sisters’ Luck
by Shari Chankhamma
ISBN: 9781593621902
SLG Publishing, 2010

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