Lily’s family has moved to a new town, and she expects to hate it–especially after a really cute guy, Steve, sees her dancing in the woods, and, she feels, generally making a fool out of herself. To top that off, she has a host of other problems: her younger sister, Pearl, can’t keep Lily’s secrets; Lily thinks Pearl is possibly a lesbian (and what should she do about this?) and her annoying boy next door, Dunham, seems to think about nothing but sex. All in all, Lily’s living the life of a conflicted artistic teenager, and she thinks that sucks. Debbie Drechsler’s art may be initially confusing, because it’s printed in green and orange-brown (at least in the softcover–the hardcover is teal and purple) instead of in black and another color. But after a few pages, your eyes should adjust, and The Summer of Love is worth it–it’s a great book for teens who are dealing with dating and fitting in.

The Summer of Love
by Debbie Dreschsler
ISBN: 1896597653
Drawn & Quarterly, 2003

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