Kat’s not happy when her family decides to move to New England, but she’s decided to deal with it as best as she can. After all, her dad’s got a prestigious new job teaching at a private school, and her mom grew up in New England and has always longed to go back. Unfortunately, almost all the kids in the school prove to be rich, stuck-up jerks. Then someone starts stealing equipment from the science lab and setting fires, putting the blame on Kat’s dad, and Kat starts thinking that maybe it was a mistake to move. Can she and her new friend–her only friend–Mouse save her dad’s job and maybe even convince their fellow schoolmates to treat each other a bit more nicely? Sporty Kat and her non-conformist friend Mouse will appeal to young girls who have enjoyed Cam Jansen, The Bobbsey Twins, and the Nancy Drew mysteries. With artwork, language, and content that’s appropriate for all ages, this book–the first in a series–is great for young readers who are interested in comics and manga-style art but don’t know where to start.

Kat and Mouse, vol. 1: Teacher Torture
by Alex de Campi
ISBN: 9781598165487
Tokyopop, 2006

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