Nick Stoppard is a really, really bad photographer. Unfortunately, taking pictures is what he wants to do–and he’s just spent all his money to open a studio he doesn’t know how to run! Then Nick meets Chantel, a model. When her photographer’s sick the next day and no one can find a replacement, she has her boss call in Nick to take the pictures! Everything goes horribly, as usual, and the photos are the worst Nick’s ever seen, but to his shock, the fashion industry seems to like them a lot–and they’re determined to make him a star. Can Nick keep his job when he has no idea what he’s doing? And can he stay true to himself in the process? The art in F-Stop is bold and distinctive: Matthew Loux has a very thick line, which he uses well thoughout the book, conveying expressions and landscape with a very minimalist style. Antony Johnson’s writing creates a thoughtful light comedy that makes fun reading–teens new to the graphic novel and graphic novel veterans will both enjoy this book.

F-Stop: a love story in pictures
by Antony Johnston and Matthew Loux
ISBN: 9781932664096
Oni Press, 2005

  • Gina Gagliano

    Past Reviewer

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