This book is a collection of short stories, mostly with female protagonists. The title story, ‘The Squirrel Mother,’ is about a young girl whose mother sacrifices her own time to make a dress for her daughter. This story is told parallel with a story about a squirrel mother who abandons her children to live her own life: at the end of the story, the girl starts cutting apart her dress. All the stories in this collection, whether about family photos, cleaning, playing the flute, antique silver, fast food, or Alexander Hamilton, are similarly thought-provoking, leaving the reader in a very introspective place. The full-color art in this book is very simple and compelling. The soft, almost pastel colors emphasize and reinforce the thoughtful themes portrayed. The dreamlike sequences do include references to homosexuality and some sexual themes, so collectors should be aware it’s more for teens than younger readers.

The Squirrel Mother
by Megan Kelso
ISBN: 9781560977469
Fantagraphics , 2006

  • Gina Gagliano

    Past Reviewer

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