Biff Ashby, Stevo Vargas, Gabe Carlyle, and El Campeon are The Amazing Joy Buzzards, an internationally renowned band. But secretly, they also fight evil–zombies, robots, giant gorillas, and even evil film studio executives. Will Gabe get the girl he wants even though he’s the geeky, intelligent one? Does El Campeon, the mythical Mexican wrestler, really exist? And is their manager secretly exploiting them and making them work for the CIA? Can they deal with all this and still win the hearts of their adoring fans? This book is drawn in an art style that suits the story incredibly well. The chunky, black and white art reinforces the themes of music and fighting evil, while the more realistic black-and-white flashback art makes this book seem even more like a B movie than it already does. While this isn’t a graphic novel that would go on the shelf next to the classics, it’s a fun story that’s bound to appeal to teenage boys.

The Amazing Joy Buzzards Volume 1
by Mark Andrew Smith and Dan Hipp
ISBN: 1582404984
Image Comics, 2005

  • Gina Gagliano

    Past Reviewer

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