Nicole Hayes carries a notebook with her everywhere she goes–she loves to write, and she’s got an entire fantasy story in her head that she’s trying to put down on paper. But other things are occupying most of her time–she’s in business school, because her mom wants her to learn to help run the family business, and she also works part-time as a receptionist. Nicole feels like she has no one to talk to, especially because her closest friend, Susan, thinks that fantasy stories are just for kids and spends most of her time talking about boys and clothes. But then Nicole meets her former neighbor, Josh, who says that he has a crush on her. She really likes Josh, but she knows that he’s a flirt who makes a game of seeing how many girls’ phone numbers he can collect. What should she do? This is one of the first books in Tokyopop’s Original English Language manga line, and it’s a great showing by Amy Kim Ganter. The story is engaging, and it will attract teens who are fans of both manga and fantasy novels. Amy Kim Ganter draws adorable characters, and she handles the transitions between the events of the story and Nicole’s fantasy writing superbly.

Sorcerers and Secretaries, vol. 1
by Amy Kim Ganter
ISBN: 9781598164091
Tokyopop, 2006

  • Gina Gagliano

    Past Reviewer

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