In Owly, vol. 3: Flying Lessons, the third volume of the captivating Owly series, Owly and his friend Wormy see a mysterious animal soaring through the trees. Owly thinks that it looks like a squirrel, but Wormy thinks that it looks more like a bird. Puzzled as to the identity of the animal, they draw pictures and go to consult the nursery owner, who tells them that the animal is probably a flying squirrel. Owly is thrilled to have someone new to make friends with–until they find that owls and flying squirrels are natural enemies, so the squirrel is scared stiff of Owly! But Wormy and the squirrel make friends, and one day the squirrel takes Wormy flying, accidentally leaving the worm at the top of a tree. Wormy is hurt when he tries to get down by himself, and Owly vows that he will learn how to fly. But when flying by flapping his wings doesn’t work, Owly doesn’t know what to do. The flying squirrel has an idea, though–could it be that Owly flies by gliding, like he does? Can the squirrel get over his fear of Owly to offer his help? The third Owly book is a story of friendship, trust, and environmentalism that will delight and charm readers of all ages. This is the perfect comic for beginning readers, as Owly’s words are all rendered in pictograms (to say ‘did you have a good night?’, Owly’s word balloon contains a smiling picture of the moon and stars). Andy Runton’s black and white line drawings of this big-eyed owl will win the hearts of the readers of this comic.

Owly, vol. 3: Flying Lessons
by Andy Runton
ISBN: 9781891830761
Top Shelf, 2005

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