In Owly, vol. 2: Just A Little Blue, the second volume of the charming Owly series, Owly tries to make friends with some local bluebirds. Because Owly puts out seeds for the birds in the neighborhood, he thinks that they should trust him. But the local birds feel differently about him, thinking that owls are predatory birds who can’t be trusted! After some consultation with the owner of the local nursery, Owly and Wormy decide to build a birdhouse for the bluebirds. The birds are still skeptical, and Owly is sad when his birdhouse isn’t inhabited. Then, when the rainy season starts, the birds find their home wrecked in a thunderstorm–and the only one they have to turn to is Owly. Can their get over their doubts and trust the little owl? This is a great book for beginning readers–the themes of friendship, trust, and environmentalism pervade every aspect of the story. Owly’s dialogue is composed largely of pictograms, so it’s easy for beginning readers to follow the plot without having a huge vocabulary.

Owly, vol. 2: Just A Little Blue
by Andy Runton
ISBN: 9781891830648
Top Shelf, 2005

  • Gina Gagliano

    Past Reviewer

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