Charles Lord was one of the first English pioneers in the New World–America. But now it’s time for him to go home to England and retire from governing the colony he helped build. But just when he’s gotten mentally and emotionally prepared to leave the land that he loves–and his half-Indian son–the ship coming to relieve him is hijacked by French traders who are out to take over the colony, and it’s up to him to stop them. This is a fun historical adventure–the cover blurb says ‘pulse pounding action,’ and that’s certainly correct. The art is very cartoony, but it works well to depict the relative physical strength and character of the individuals the story is peopled with. Scott Chantler did a great deal of historical research in his books, and elaborates, in the final notes, about his sources and the historical accuracy of the world he creates for us.

Northwest Passage: the Annotated Collection
by Scott Chantler
ISBN: 9781934964354
Oni Press, 2010 (new edition)

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