There are two other comics that it’s important to read–or to at least know about–when reading Infinite Crisis. The first of those is Crisis on Infinite Earths. That’s where all the alternate backgrounds and versions of characters–and even some characters themselves–were eliminated from the DC-verse when the multiverse (all the alternate dimensions of earth) were condensed back into one planet. The second graphic novel it’s important to read is Brad Meltzer’s Identity Crisis. Infinite Crisis is definitely not an introductory book: you’re dropped into the middle of events that have been brewing for years. Identity Crisis will give you the snapshot of ‘What is this world like? Who are these people?’ that’s necessary for someone who’s just getting into comics to understand what’s going on in Infinite Crisis. When the multiverse got condensed back into one planet, there were a few people from other Earths who got left behind in a pocket of space-time: Superman, Superboy, Alexander Luthor, and Lois Lane. When Lois begins to get old and die, the others start to take a close look at how well Earth is doing. They conclude that it’s not doing really well: there’s a great deal of tragedy, violence, and fear. And then they decide they should do something about it . . . like bring Earth-2 back and replace the current Earth with it. But the superheroes living on today’s Earth aren’t too happy with this plan. While this is not a great book, it is a necessary one. The entire DC Universe changed because of Infinite Crisis: this book is the foundation of how the DCU now works.

Infinite Crisis
by Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, George Perez, Jerry Ordway, Ivan Reis, Andy Lanning
ISBN: 9781401210601
DC Comics, 2006

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