Wimbledon Green is a rich old man who doesn’t do much with his life besides collecting comics. This book is a portrait of its title character, told through two intertwining storylines. The first is a series of interviews and reminiscences about Wimbledon Green that takes place after his disappearance. The second is the adventure tale (with added rocket car action!) of Wimbledon Green and his comics collecting competitors attempting to cheat each other out of a mint condition copy of ‘The Green Ghost #1.’

Despite a more-or-less accurate portrayal of aged comics collectors (most of whom are focused on collecting comics to the exclusion of anything else, like hygiene), Wimbledon Green manages to reframe these people with a portrayal of rocket cars, amnesia, car chases, and secret millionaires that brings whimsy and nostalgia for the days-that-never-happened to the stereotypes. Seth’s art is simple and brilliant, reminiscent of the art in the comics his characters are collecting.

Wimbledon Green is a book that anyone who has ever collected comics– or anything else– will appreciate. This book is a humorous look at the comics universe, told so that it will be enjoyed by both long time comic fans and newcomers to the comics universe. This isn’t the best book to introduce people to the medium, but it’s a book that most comics devotees will enjoy.

Wimbledon Green: The Greatest Comic Book Collector In The World
by Seth
ISBN: 9781896597935
Drawn & Quarterly, 2005

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