The Wheatstone Mercury has one reporter, and his desk is in the hallway. When Katharine Washington flew to England for an internship, this wasn’t what she’d expected. Owen, the reporter, hadn’t been expecting her, either– and he doesn’t particularly want to work with a young American girl who has little appreciation for small town newspapers. But the stories in the newspaper improve as Katharine and Owen start working together, and Katharine comes to understand what Owen sees in small town reporting.

Then, Hollywood calls– they want to produce a sitcom from a script about small town newspapers that Katharine wrote prior to her experience with the Mercury. So Katharine flies to L.A., abandoning her internship for the job of her dreams. But Katharine’s experiences in Hollywood force her to reassess her ambitions. Meanwhile in England, Owen realizes that Katharine has changed how he views his job and his life.

Andi Watson’s black and white line art is simple and elegant, capturing the essence of his characters. A romantic comedy at heart, Slow News Day is a great introduction to the format for readers who aren’t so interested in science fiction or fantasy. A few scenes of implied sex make this title appropriate to older teens, but there is no explicit nudity.

Slow News Day
by Andi Watson
ISBN: 9781593620806
Slave Labor Graphics, 2002

  • Gina Gagliano

    Past Reviewer

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