Daisy Kutter is a young, cute, blond ex-gunslinger/wild west villain in a world peopled by both humans and sentient robots.  She has recently retired to run a dry goods store, but misses her old life, feeling stifled in a small town where her ex-partner and sometimes boyfriend is the marshall–the voice of the law.  So when she’s asked to rob a train by the man who owns it–as a way of testing the newly upgraded security systems–her longing for her old life gets the better of her common sense, and she takes the job.  Of course, it all goes horribly wrong…

Steampunk meets the Wild West in this well-told, adorably illustrated and all-around fun book.  Kazu Kibuishi’s greyscale art perfectly reinforces the tone of this book– the drawings integrate the robots and the cowboys into a seamless whole.  This is a book that will attract both the manga and the superhero audiences, an enjoyable and action-filled comic for teens.

Daisy Kutter: The Last Train
by Kazu Kibuishi
ISBN: 0975419323
Viper Comics, 2005

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