dragon-ball-full-color-freeza-arc-vol-1-9781421585710_lgThe first volume of Dragon Ball’s Freeza Arc takes readers to planet Namek—the original home of Piccolo and Kami, Earth’s former guardian—and introduces Freeza, a central villain in the Dragon Ball universe.

Following Vegeta’s retreat from Earth and the deaths of their comrades, Bulma, Gohan, and Kuririn board a ship on their way to planet Namek. Gohan and Kuririn are training, and as expected, Bulma is completely relaxed, lounging around in her underwear. They plan to locate the Namekian Dragon Balls so they can wish their friends back from King Kai’s planet.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is also planning his trip to Namek to make his immortality wish, only to find that the tyrant Lord Freeza has beat him there and already has multiple Dragon Balls in his possession. Freeza may be short in stature with pink and purple coloring (including purple nails and lips), but he is a merciless destroyer of worlds, feared even by King Kai. It is revealed that it was Freeza who set in motion the destruction of Planet Vegeta because he feared the Saiyans might one day rise against him.

Unaware of each other at first, the three parties soon begin to converge on one another. Freeza and Vegeta will do whatever it takes to gather the Dragon Balls, and have no qualms about killing innocent Namekians in the process. Vegeta, now able to mask his own power level and sense the power in others without a scouter, has a clear advantage when fighting against Freeza’s henchmen. Gohan and Kuririn must find a way to get the Dragon Balls away from Freeza and Vegeta, protecting as many innocent Namekians as they can while waiting for Goku to arrive.

Akira Toriyama’s iconic characters, stylized art, cinematic fight sequences, and unique settings are all enhanced by the full color printing. As with the other full color editions, volume one of the Freeza Arc is a high-quality book printed on thick, sturdy paper; it is also larger in size than traditional manga. If your library has the space and a dedicated Dragon Ball following, these full color editions are a must-have.

Dragon Ball Full Color: Freeza Arc, vol. 1
by Akira Toriyama
ISBN: 9781421585710
VIZ Media, 2016
Publisher Age Rating: All Ages

  • Marissa Lieberman

    Past Reviewer

    Marissa graduated with her MLS from Queens College, NY in 2011 and is a children’s librarian at the East Orange Public Library, NJ where she gets to share her passion of anime and manga by running the tween anime club, ordering manga and graphic novels, and planning Tosho-con. She organized Tosho-con, the first library anime convention in Nassau County, NY back in 2010 and continues to run this successful convention at her current library. Marissa has written articles and presented about graphic novels, manga and library conventions for School Library Journal, New York Comic Con, and library conferences. She also reviews for School Library Journal and Voices of Youth Advocates.

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