momochi-house2Picking up where volume one ends, Himari, the new owner of Momochi House, realizes that its protector, Aoi, can no longer leave the residence. All traces of Aoi’s once-human life have disappeared since he first came to the House seven years ago and became its Omamori-sama. Distraught, Himari vows to find a way to release him from whatever power has bound him to the House—which exists between the human and spiritual realms—without upsetting the delicate balance between the two worlds.

Himari’s presence has an unexpected effect on the resident yokai (spirits). When one of the small, animal-like yokai threatens to leave the House, his appearance accidentally shifts to resemble a human; this transformation is reminiscent of Himari’s first meeting with Aoi in volume one, because he, too, appeared naked with smoke covering him. However, the upcoming annual Lantern Procession will be passing through Momochi House and in his current form, the small yokai will be unable to see his sister. The group tries to find a way for the brother and sister to meet, but when a soul eater threatens the Procession, the yokai makes a pact with Aoi and turns himself into a Shikigami with powers like Yukari and Ise in order to protect his sister. When all has been saved, the yokai, now called Zushi, joins the others as the newest Momochi family member.

The volume ends with a story arc in which Himari’s new classmates follow her home, curious about the supposedly haunted Momochi House. Aoi informs her that one of her classmates is no longer alive, and unless she can figure out who it is, the power from the House will transform them into a demon.

As in the first volume, the second volume follows a clear pattern of events: Aoi’s naivete embarrasses Himari, as when he asks her to sleep with him so he won’t be alone; Yukari and Ise tolerate and protect Himari without fully approving of her presence; Himari does her best to be useful; and one or more yokai threaten the House and its inhabitants. This volume also reveals more about the House and the past of those who live there. Despite its predictability, Shouoto’s gorgeous artwork and the fun interactions between the characters make The Demon Prince of Momochi House an enjoyable series that is worth continuing.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House, vol. 2
by Aya Shouoto
ISBN: 9781421579634
Viz, 2015
Publisher Age Rating: T

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