hc-nfntWhat could possibly be better than an all ages graphic novel about a team of crime fighting fluffy cats? Very, very few things. But that’s just my admittedly biased opinion on Hero Cats of Stellar City, a graphic novel featuring, you guessed it, a team of heroic felines who protect a city called Stellar.

Fun, colorful, and lively, this comic has much to offer those fans of both cats and superheroes. In this second volume of the series, the titular cats investigate a fishy situation beneath Stellar City that leads them into adventure with otherworldly beings. While this is the main storyline, there are a few others peppered throughout the pages, including how each kitty joined the ensemble.

Each cat is graced with a superpower to offer the group. Cassiopeia can read human writing. Belle can also read, but her talent lies less in literature, and more in reading minds. Rocco is the muscle. Rocket has super speed. Also, he believes that he is an alien. Bandit is an expert in covert operations. Midnight is a fighter. Ace is the leader.

Cassiopeia is of particular interest, because her owners are actually the human superheroes, Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl. The human father and daughter (Stanley and Suzy Quest) work as a team in their heroic alter egos, but each is unaware of the other’s plain clothes identity. Neither Stanley nor Suzy know that Cassiopeia is a Hero Cat. While Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl were created first, it is definitely the cats that star in this series.

The artwork is absolutely adorable, and each cat has a distinct look, be it their breed—Belle is a Himalayan cat—or just the mischief in their eyes, like Rocket, for instance. Not to mention that they are also oh so fluffy looking; any cat lover would be hard pressed not to want them to pounce off the page and into their lap for a pet.

But I digress! The Hero Cats have little time for laps, as their hijinx spill out of the panels inviting the readers to join in. Won’t you consider giving this series a forever home on your shelves?

Hero Cats of Stellar City, volume 2
by Kyle Puttkamer
Art by Marcus Williams, Ryan Sellars, Matt Herms, Briana Higgins, Keek Stewart
ISBN: 9781632291097
Action Lab, 2015
Publisher Age Rating: All Ages

  • Jessikah Chautin

    Past Reviewer

    This reviewer is not longer actively working on our site, but we would not be here if not for our many dedicated contributors over the years. We thank all of them for their reviews, features, and support! Jessikah graduated with her MLS from The Palmer School of Library Science and has been working at the Syosset Public Library as a children’s librarian since 2003. She enthusiastically developed a children’s graphic novel collection for her library and enjoys developing programs around some of her favorite titles. As a child, Jessikah grew up on a healthy diet of Matsumoto, Toriyama and whatever anime series she could find. She often had a hard time deciding if she would prefer to be recruited as a Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl) or a Gundam Pilot, a debate that still plagues her to this very day. If she could have any power it would definitely be telekinesis.

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