A young boy’s morning routine is set parallel to Superman’s own in this adorable picture book/graphic novel hybrid.

Using a cheerful palette of bold colors, an adorable brown skinned boy stirs from his bed to greet the morning. A comic style panel—which takes up three quarters of the neighboring page—depicts a suited Clark Kent surveying Metropolis at sunrise. This theme continues as the book goes on. Clark removes his suit and specs to reveal his iconic super suit beneath, while our young hero emerges from the bathroom revealing his own Superman themed outfit for the day ahead.

As the storyline progresses, our young hero continues his own journey alongside the square jawed superhero. The boy gathers energy by eating his breakfast cereal, while Superman ascends high above the skyscrapers with a “woosh!” Sometimes the comparisons seem uneven. When facing a fear, Supes is shown fighting arch nemesis Lex Luthor and his robots, while the boy shrinks at the site of his own toothbrush. Apt fans, however, may notice that the toothpaste emits a glowing hue of kryptonite green. Nonetheless, each challenge is tackled with gusto, and the action continues.

Supergirl (complete with her midriff costume) and Krypto the Superdog are introduced as Superman’s helpers, while our young hero is joined by his sister—with her own cape and super costume—and their family pet, a small white fluffy dog.

Dahl seemingly depicts the siblings’ costumes as homemade. We all recognize the Kryptonian “S” shield which is associated with Superman and his family on the children’s chests. Here, small white stitches seem to hold the symbols to their shirts. The boy also has crayon drawings of Superman in his room. Both brother and sister wear capes.

With the aforementioned switch from picture book to panel format, this book serves more as an introduction to the graphic novel format than an introduction to Superman himself, but does he really need another introduction? Expect this book to soar high with fandom families, or anyone who just loves Superman.

DC Super Heroes: Good Morning, Superman!
by Michael Dahl
Art by Omar Lozano
ISBN: 9781623708504
Capstone Young Readers, 2017
Publisher Age Rating: 4-7

  • Jessikah Chautin

    Past Reviewer

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