The story takes place in a school composed of a day class and a night class. The day class is composed of people you would find anywhere in your daily life. The night class, however, is composed completely of vampires. Yuki Cross and Zero Cross are in the school’s disciplinary committee with duties designed to protect the day class from the night class. Continuing from the last season, Zero returns. However, his return isn’t as happy as it could be. He’s accused of the taboo of killing Shizuka Hio, a pureblood vampire. In fact, being at Cross Academy is the only thing keeping him safe, and it’s not even guaranteed to protect him. Yuki is in a particularly sucky situation when she’s forced to deal with a more vampiric part of herself as well as choose between Zero or Kaname.

The DVD begins in the middle of the overall story and marks the beginning of the second season. There’s more drama, and more of a focus on the love triangle between Zero, Yuki, and Kaname. Yuki’s past is finally revealed to the viewers, and most of the DVD covers what happens as a result of that. The drama can be a little more melodramatic at times, as well as cliche, but overall it’s entertaining enough to keep you in for the 13 episodes.

The art is very close to it’s manga original. The eyes are large like typical shoujo anime and manga, and the hair is very detailed. The few fight scenes we’re able to enjoy are fun to watch, and well animated with smooth movements. The non-fighting scenes are well enough animated, frames don’t skip and movements don’t look choppy.

DVD Features-
The DVD features relationship charts as well as Japanese audio and English subtitles. The relationship charts are good for refreshing your memory of the relationships in the anime (which is pretty important considering it’s a romance).

Age and Warning-
This anime is targeted towards older teenage girls, due to the romantic content. There’s fighting scenes, and since it’s a vampire anime, there’s lots of blood.

Vampire Knight: Guilty
VIZ Media, 2011
directed by Kiyoko Sayama
312 minutes, Number of Discs: 2, Season set
Company Age Rating: OT (16+)
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