There are six books in this series, each focusing on one event and key person involved in the event. The events include “George Washington and the Winter at Valley Forge,” “Thomas Paine Writes Common Sense,” “Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence,” “Samuel Adams and the Boston Tea Party,” and “Paul Revere and his Midnight Ride.” The writing is very easy to read and the basic points are presented clearly. There are intros and follow-ups written in plain text to give readers context of the events happening in the books. At the end of each is a glossary to help increase vocabulary.

The art is in a typical Western style, with more dark colors and heavier lines which help show the seriousness of the times the books depict. The quality is very good for a series of books aimed toward a children. As these were very violent times, there is blood seen at different points in the stories. However, the violence isn’t a large problem, since the books are written for younger audiences. There’s also lots of tension depicted in the stories, along with the anger and intense situations that come from it. These books are ideal for children learning about the events mentioned in school and who can handle some situations that are violent enough to make a point.

Graphic Heroes of the American Revolution
by Gary Jeffrey
Art by Nick Spender, Emanuele Boccanfuso
Thomas Paine Writes Common Sense, ISBN 9781433960291
Paul Revere and his Midnight Ride, ISBN 9781433960208
Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence, ISBN 9781433960260
George Washington and the Winter at Valley Forge, ISBN 9781433960147
John Adams and the Boston Massacre, ISBN 9781433960178
Samuel Adams and the Boston Tea Party, ISBN 9781433960239
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2011
Publisher Age Rating: 8 and up

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