9780982750735_p0_v1_s260x420This book doesn’t have a continuous story line. Instead, each chapter contains a story of one of the ten most dangerous animals. The chapters follow a certain formula. They start with opening pages with information about each animal, then go into the comics that show what happens when people come into contact with the animals. The chapters all contain information relating to staying safe around the animals and how to not provoke them. There are also calls to action to conserve and protect the environment because, as dangerous as the animals are, they’re still extremely vulnerable to environmental changes.

The art has more dark lines and comes across as more serious and realistic. Since the book is about animals, the animals are drawn accurately and distinctly. All of the stories show dangerous animals and, as a result, there are very dangerous situations and blood involved with each chapter. Its ideal audience would be younger children who can handle animal violence and blood and can soak up the messages of conservation.

Animal Planet: World’s Most Dangerous Animals
by Joe Brusha, Neo Edmund, Robert Greenberger, Barbara Kesel, Paul Kupperbert
ISBN: 9780982750735
Zenescope, 2012

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