Wanting to improve as always, Naruto is training to be able to synchronize his attacks with toads to greatly increase their power. However, being someone who prefers getting stronger faster, he’s having a hard time with the slower teaching methods of the toads. While he’s having trouble, Orochimaru is setting another plan in motion that involves a young boy and Guren, one of his subordinates who can form crystals out of nothing. Guren is tasked with finding the child and then helping Orochimaru’s right-hand man Kabuto with a shady mission involving a tailed beast. Meanwhile, Kakashi is tracking these suspicious characters and leading a team that excels in tracking to find out what they’re doing.

This was a half of a filler arc, meaning it’s all original anime content not seen in the manga. It didn’t really stand out that much from the arcs that are manga-based, since it followed the “find a villain; get beaten by the villain; train some more; trouble’s brewing; kick butt” formula, just with new villains and different training. The original characters who aren’t Gurren or the child don’t leave much of an impact and seem to be there just so Gurren has subordinates to distract the protagonists and provide more fight scenes.

The art is consistent with the rest of the anime. Sometimes animation can be a little awkward. The fight scenes live up to their reputation of going on for multiple episodes and at some points, dragging on too long.

Manga vs Anime-
This DVD has no manga equivalent.

DVD Features-
The DVD features Omake scenes (small and fun extras) and episode commentary in English. It also includes Japanese audio and English subtitles for those who prefer watching their anime that way.

Age and Warning-
Since it’s a shonen anime, there’s lots of fighting and blood involved. There’s also a small amount of swearing in both languages. There’s a small amount of fanservice.

Naruto Shippuden Box Set 8
VIZ Media, 2011
directed by Hayato Date
300 minutes, Number of Discs: 3, Box set
Company Age Rating: OT (16+)
Related to: Naruto Shippuden by Masashi Kishimoto

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