9781429686044The books each feature a “tour guide” that guides you around the respective body systems. Each body part is covered in a sequential fashion. The art is solid, colorful and vibrant with thick and solid lines, making it attention grabbing and great for kids. The different body systems are drawn appropriately and certain parts of the body, like the red blood cells in A Tour of Your Circulatory System, are drawn with faces, arms, and legs to help children better understand how the systems work. Nothing is inappropriate, but in A Tour of Your Digestive System there is a panel featuring the rectum and a ball of feces. The books feature a glossary and extended reading sources for children who are interested in learning more, including safe internet resources through Facthound and through Capstone’s own website. Overall, they’re great introductions for younger readers.

A Tour of Your Digestive System
by Molly Kolpin
Art by Chris B. Jones
ISBN: 9781429684309
A Tour of Your Circulatory System
ISBN: 9781429693226
by Karen Ballen
Art by Chris B. Jones
Capstone Press, 2012

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