Princess Adrienne is pretty sick of how things are done in her kingdom. She and her six sisters have all been locked away in tall towers guarded by dragons or other mythical beasts. They will stay in those towers until seven handsome princes come along and slay the not-metaphorical dragons. The problem is Adrienne actually likes her pink dragon, Sparky. Plus, Sparky keeps eating all of her suitors, who all seem to be a couple sandwiches short of a picnic. So, it looks like Adrienne will be stuck in her tower for a long, long time, unless she can figure out a way to save herself and her sisters.

This comic is just down right, laugh-out-loud funny. It will have every member of the family giggling. Some of the content may go over the heads of younger readers. With references to Xena and other famous sci-fi characters, Princeless will definitely appeal to the adults who can understand the joke. But there is still plenty for younger readers to enjoy.

The vibrantly-colored illustrations make the story pleasing to the eye. The characters, particularly Adrienne, are drawn to exhibit strength and intelligence. The bright, striking pinks and blues and waving thick black lines are reminiscent of children’s cartoons, such as Looney Toons, but do not make the characters appear child-like. Adrienne and her half-troll friend Bedelia both look extremely capable, making this reader feel like they can take down the stupid system keeping them down. And I can’t wait to see them do it.

Adrienne is one of the most interesting female graphic novel characters I have ever come across. She is strong, logical, practical, and constantly questioning authority. She refuses to sit around and wait for someone to come and save her. She saves herself. It’s nice to see a princess willing to make things happen.

While this graphic novel deals strongly with themes of feminism and patriarchy, it pokes fun at the issues in such a way that you don’t feel like you are being beaten over the head. The jokes are clever and tongue-in-cheek and will have you giggling within a few pages.

Volume 1 of Princeless consists of the first four chapters of the story and I must say, I can’t wait for the next issue. With a clever story and an even cleverer protagonist, Princeless is guaranteed to please your readers. My only complaint was that the story did not get farther in volume 1, but that just keeps me wanting to read the next volume more.

Princeless, vol. 1
by Jeremy Whitley
Art by M. Goodwin
ISBN: 9781450784757
Action Lab Comics, 2012
Publisher Age Rating: 12+

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