Geronimo Stilton is back with more time-traveling adventures! It’s fashion week in Mouse City and cousin Trap has become a fa-”mouse” fashion model, but Professor Von Volt has other plans. The crew are off to Paris to help save the Eiffel Tower from turning into the Gargatuan Tower of Catardone III of Catatonia at the hands of the pirate cats! Will Geronimo be able to save the day again in time for Trap to walk the mouse-walk for Fashion Week? Or will the cats finally achieve their dreams of fame and love around the world?

The Geronimo Stilton graphic novels continue to be a lot of fun. Those rascal cats are always up to pretty funny shenanigans, making these stories action-packed, yet still appealing for young readers. These books are educational, as well, providing interesting facts about famous buildings, events in history, and important figures. This book tells all about Gustave Eiffel’s struggles to get his Eiffel Tower built in time for the World’s Fair in Paris in 1889, without letting the story get bogged down by too many facts. The book also subtly tells readers what more difficult words mean. We’ll Always Have Paris has a good balance of fact and fun, just like the other Geronimo Stilton graphic novels.

The illustrations help keep the story moving, too, with bright colors and lots of motion. Each page is full of highly saturated colors and exciting action to keep the reader interested until the last page. These books are excellent for reluctant readers. They are easily devoured in one sitting, compelling, and full of action. They are a definite yes for a Children’s Room and for younger readers.

Geronimo Stilton, vol. 11: We’ll Always Have Paris
by Geronimo Stilton
ISBN: 9781597073479
Papercutz, 2013
Publisher Age Rating: 7-11

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