February is the month of love. Sometimes love comes easily, sometimes, the one you love is on a mission to kill you. Star-crossed and miserable, these top 5 lovers bounce between the one they love and the reason they can’t have them.

5.  Sei/Kamiya and Okita from Kaze Hikaru

by Taeko Watanabe

Posing as a boy to join a team of samurai, Sei develops feelings for her leader, Okita. Though Okita knows her secret and loves her back, their  work and his insistence on denying love keeps them apart.



4. Sadie and Kenzie from Mouse Guard

by David Peterson

These brave mice put duty above all else, even their love for each other.


3. Abby Holland and Swamp Thing from Swamp Thing

by various authors and illustrators

Surprisingly, the physical differences aren’t what come been Abby and her plant husband. Instead, years of strange plots, diabolical villains, and angst keep these two lovers from being completely happy.


2. Yuki and Zero from Vampire Knight

by Matsuri Hino

Yuki and Zero have been friends since they were children. Zero is on a mission to kill all pure blood vampires, no matter who they are. His resolve waivers but doesn’t falter when he discovers the love of his life is a pure blood.


1. Ono and Tachibana from Antique Bakery

by Fumi Yoshinaga

Sometimes the stars can seem in alignment and things still don’t work out. After an awkward confession in their teen years, they’ve become friends.  Ono (a bit of a playboy) is uncharacteristically devoted to the gruff Tachibana but knows he’s straight.  Tachibana loves Ono, but romance is never an actual option for these two.


Honorable mention: the entire cast of Fruits Basket

What couple would you add to this list?


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