Awkward Silence vol. 1Artistically talented but painfully shy Satoru has a crush on baseball star Keigo. Satoru spends his afternoons watching and drawing his handsome crush, even though he can’t get up the nerve to approach him. One day, Keigo surprises Satoru by confronting him with affection and the meeting kicks off a passionate first love. Satoru’s inability to express himself isn’t a problem for Keigo. Keigo has an uncanny ability to read Satoru’s body language and straight face. In volume two, Satoru’s disappointment in missing a trip with Keigo leads him to break into the school at night. Keigo battles jealousy as an old friend takes an interest in Satoru. Volume three focuses on Satoru’s old friend Yuji and his annoying but strong feelings for the class heartthrob Kagami. The love in this manga series is sweet and committed, though the shtick of Satoru’s inexpressive face gets old after a while. Switching up the characters in volume three gives readers a new relationship to root for. The boys are pretty and the humor is light, which should make this a popular yaoi among rabid readers. There is some explicit sexual content, but no nudity. The series is recommended for libraries collecting or looking for fun young adult yaoi.

Awkward Silence, vols. 1-3
by Hinako Takanaga
Vol. 1 ISBN: 978-1421543475
Vol. 2 ISBN: 978-1421543536
Vol. 3 ISBN: 978-1421543567
Sublime, 2012-2013
Publisher Age Rating: Mature

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