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Mike Pandel (aka Triforce Mike) was a comic salesman of the highest power at the highest power, coolest shop – A Comic Shop – in Orlando. He’s in a bunch of their weekly videos (hilarious but also mostly NSFW), The Nerdy Show, and a ton of drunken con stuff on You Tube.

We talk a lot about writers and artists because most of us see ourselves in their work but it’s at the comic store that we see others. So many of our favorite stores our awesome because that’s where our people are. To lose someone who cared so much about that community and comics in general just sucks.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Florida and on my list of things to do was Go to A Comic Shop and HUG THE SH*T OUT OF TRIFORCE MIKE.  I’m still going to do that but in a different way 🙁

We missed mentioning him in this week’s Happy but are highlighting him now because he did make people happy with his crazy self.

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