Let’s face it, sometimes reading a kid’s book is torture. They can be overly saccharine or so silly only a ten year old would find it funny.  No worries, these comics are perfect for sharing with kids AND adults.

5. Mouse Guard

by David Peterson

In this medieval story, the mouse guard is composed of an elite group of specially trained mice. Kids will enjoy the fast paced story line and cute mice while adults can appreciate the gorgeous artwork and layered storytelling.




4. Bone

by Jeff Smith

Both kids and adults will laugh as Bone goes on an adventure. The jokes sit alongside some very touching moments that never feel too heavy thanks to Smith’s bubbleheaded illustrations.




3. Amelia Rules

by Jimmy Gownley

Who says boys get to have all the fun? Everyone will fall in love with this headstrong, loyal, and optimistic fourth grader.




2. Yotsuba&!

by Kiyohiko Azuma

In this heartwarming and hilarious manga, Azuma manages to capture both the childlike endurance and the grown up exhaustion of raising a family. Who Yotsuba is pales in comparison with how Yotsuba loves.




1. Chi’s Sweet Home

by Keigo Higashino

Just look at that wittle face!

*content warning: there is one instance of mild adult language*

What kid comics have you enjoyed lately?


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