Get ready to stuff your face! Once the turkey is eaten and the pie is polished off, sit down with a good foodie graphic novel and revel in the beauty of cooking.


Babymouse, Cupcake Tycoon
by Jennifer L. Holm
Random House, 2010
#13 in the Babymouse series
Babymouse is back! In volume thirteen of the popular series, she attempts to outsell Felicia Furrypaws in a cupcake fundraiser.



Bake Sale
by Sara Varon
First Second, 2011
Kids and adults will adore this cupcake and eggplant story. Includes recipes!



Claire and the Bakery Thief
by Janice Poon
Kids Can Press, 2008
Claire stumbles on a mystery when her parents open a bakery. Includes recipes!



Johnny Boo #3: Johnny Boo and the Happy Apples
by James Kochalka
Top Shelf Productions, 2009
Johnny Boo learns a lesson about eating too much ice cream and the Ice Cream Monster enjoys the benefits of eating apples.



Okie Dokie Donuts: Open for Business
by Chris Eliopoulis
Top Shelf Productions, 2011
Big Mama makes the best donuts in town.




Power Lunch Book 1: First Course
by J. Torres and Dean Trippe
Oni Press, 2011
After years of believing he’s allergic to most foods, Joey discovers that different foods give him different super powers.



Princess Candy
by Michael Dahl and Jeff Crowther
Capstone, 2010
3 vol.
In this sweet series, Halo gets her power from her grandmother’s special candy.




Happy Cafe*
by Kou Matzuzuki
Tokyopop, 2009
9 vol.
A love triangle develops in the middle of Happy Cafe.



Iron Wok Jan
by Shinji Saijyo
ComicsOne, 2005
27 vol.
A cooking competition creates as much heart-pounding action as any other sports manga.



Kitchen Princess
by Natsumi Ando and Miyuki Kobayashi
Del Rey, 2007
10 vol.

Omnibus edition forthcoming 2012 from Kodansha
Najika’s Razumi attends a special school to pursue her dreams of becoming a great chef. Romance and recipes included!



Manga Cookbook
by Chihiro Hattori
Japanime Co., 2007
Learn to cook traditional Japanese dishes. Even the youngest chefs can get into the kitchen with this manga.



Mixed Vegetables
by Ayumi Kamora
Viz Media, 2008
8 vol.
Hanayu is the daughter of a pastry chef but dreams of making sushi. Hayato is the son of a sushi chef who dreams of making pastries. Perhaps marriage can make their dreams come true?



Neko Ramen*
by Kenji Sonishi
Tokyopop, 2010
4 vol.
Neko Ramen is a funny cat with a restaurant and a quick temper.



by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Viz Media, 2010
7 vol.
Toriko is a gourmet hunter who travels the world fighting and eating delicious beasts.



Yakitate!! Japan
by Takahashi Hashiguchi
Viz Media, 2006
26 vol.
Japan has no national bread. Kazuma pours his heart and soul into creating one.



Antique Bakery
by Fumi Yoshinaga
Digital Manga Publishing, 2005
4 vol.
This delicious manga combines mystery, romance and, of course, pastries.



The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude
by Carol Lay
Villard, 2008
A dieting book doesn’t have to be a downer. Lay takes readers through her weight loss journey through pictures. Includes recipes!



by John Layman and Rob Guillory
Image Comics, 2009
4 vol.
Meet the first cibopathic detective! Tony Chu gets psychic impressions from the food he eats.



The Drops of God
by Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto
Vertical, 2011
Wine isn’t technically food but the perfect glass can enhance a meal. This wine manga is both educational and fun!



Not Love but Delicious Foods Make me So Happy
by Fumi Yoshinaga
Yen Press, 2010
Who cares about men when you’ve got food and sleep?




by Tetsu Kariya and Hanasaki Akira
Viz Media, 2009
8 vol.
Oishinbo is the ultimate recipe manga. Though it has a loose story following two newspapers competing for the ultimate meal, the real draw is the information about Japanese cooking. Includes recipes!



Ristorante Paradiso
by Natsume Ono
Viz Media, 2010
A Roman restaurant is the backdrop for this touching family drama.


*Please note: we do recognize that Tokyopop is now out of business and their series can thus be hard to purchase.  However, we wanted to include these titles on the list to point them out to those libraries that may have already collected them, and perhaps to encourage current publishers to pick up the license!

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