It’s October and you may have noticed Halloween is coming! Or maybe not – why are all these Christmas decorations mixing with my skeletons? In celebration, our inaugural Top 5 list is…. Top 5 Monsters Found Lurking in the Comic.

5. Dodge

(Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez)

Who knew a spirit could be this much trouble? Dodge shape-shifts, manipulates, seduces and terrorizes the Locke family.



4. Mr. Dark

(Fables by Bill Willingham and various artists)

After a costly war, it seemed like the acclaimed series Fables was done with big bads – until they unleashed a pale, long haired monster with an affinty for human teeth and zombie slaves.


3. Ryuk

(Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata)

Ryuk is a death god, also called a shinigami, who gives the ambitious Light the power to kill. In his detached, charming way, Ryuk floats through the human world caring more for apples than the lives he takes.

2. Jellaby

(Jellaby by Kean Soo)

He’s more likely to kiss your face than eat it, but we still couldn’t resist adding his cuddly self to the list! He’s a great monster that reminds us what a blast childhood is.


1. The Corinthian

(Sandman series by Neil Gaiman and various artists)

Teeth for eyes. That is all. Fear him.


Honorable mentions

The Spiral from Uzumaki. Technically it’s a shape but the horror it reaps on a small Japanese town is monstrous.

Who did we miss? What’s your #1 monster from comics or manga? Anime? The movies?

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