In After School Nightmare Volume 1, Mashiro Ichijo found himself forced to participate in a mysterious after-school class: a class where students meet in dreams to battle in strange forms that represent their true nature. In the dream world, Mashiro must reveal to his classmates that he’s half male, half female, and the revelation provokes unexpected reactions among his friends and his enemies. Terrified by his own reaction to male classmate Sou’s kiss, Mashiro clings to his complicated relationship with an increasingly unstable Kureha. Can he save her from her demons, in waking life and in the nightmare world? Meanwhile, Mashiro is determined to unmask the black knight who menaces him in dreams and prove he has the strength to defeat him. Is Sou his unseen enemy?

Volume 2 takes us deeper into the minds of After School Nightmare‘s fascinating characters. Mizushiro moves seamlessly between scenes of fantastical imagery and satisfyingly complex human interaction. Relationships deepen, and suspense builds: what happens when a student finally “graduates” from the nightmare class? After School Nightmare delivers on the promise of the first volume, and I can’t wait to find out what Mizushiro has in store.

After School Nightmare, vol. 2
By Setona Mizushiro
ISBN 1933617179
Go Comi, 2006

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