Mild-mannered Will Anderson lives an ordinary, if privileged, life with his beloved cousin Kate and his uncle–who happens to be a mafia kingpin. Tough-talking Guy Hooks works for Trash Company, an odd-jobs business that happens to be a front for a gang of jewel thieves. When Guy steals Will’s lunch, an unlikely friendship is born. Soon their lives become intertwined, as Will’s uncle’s enemies and the Trash Company collide during a diamond heist. Will turns to the people of Trash for help, but there’s more to this innocent-looking lad than meets the eye. Can Guy uncover the secrets of Will’s past? Can Will ever finish a meal before Guy steals it? The latest series from Sanami Matoh is a ridiculous romp with a hidden sweetness. TRASH combines silly hijinxs and a hint of shonen ai (or at least plenty of pretty guys) with touching human relationships. Oh yes, and a pet penguin. Like FAKE, TRASH swings back and forth between violence (not unexpected given the mobsters, thieves, and Will’s mysterious past) and comedy. Unlike FAKE, it’s not obvious that Guy and Will’s friendship will become something more (there’s a kiss, but it’s not what you think). Curiosity, and Matoh’s ability to make you care about her characters, should keep readers interested as the series develops.

TRASH Volume 1
by Sanami Matoh
ISBN: 9781598165166
Tokyopop , 2006

  • Jennifer Webb

    Past Reviewer

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