Three years ago, naive young Satoru confessed his love to his childhood friend Shirou with devastating consequences. Now, though Shirou will have nothing to do with his former companion, Satoru continues to dream of his crush. He takes thousands of pictures of Shirou, who’s now the schoo’s track star, for the student newspaper. Seichi, the handsome and sardonic editor-in-chief, wishes Satoru would get over his first love, and does his best to make trouble between them. It looks like Satoru is doomed to disappointment, until the day he receives a letter from Shirou: a letter lost in the mail for three years.

From the artist of Only the Ring Finger Knows, Time Lag is a melodramatic but sweet romance. It’s shonen ai, so any resemblance between these characters and real teenage boys is purely coincidental. Still, Time Lag manages to capture some of the awkwardness of growing up and discovering new feelings for old friends. Can the bond the two boys’ share survive the transition from friendship to love? Readers who know and love these stories will find plenty of gorgeous guys to admire in Time Lag, and they won’t even have to hide the book under the bed: our heroes never get the chance to do more than kiss. Touching details, like the tin-cans-and-string phone Satoru and Shirou used to use to talk through their windows, make it possible to believe in (and root for) their relationship.

Time Lag
by Shinobu Gotoh and Hotaru Odagiri
ISBN: 9781569709214
DMP, 2006

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