Fantasy fans know that heroines are always disguising themselves as boys to escape a life of sewing and curtsying. In Boy Princess, young Prince Nicole must disguise himself as a girl–but not because he’s got a secret passion for embroidery. After Princess Elena runs away to escape an arranged marriage to the prince of a neighboring kingdom, Nicole must take her place to save the strategic alliance. Despite his protestations, his brothers insist that with his youthful good looks and some apples down his shirt he’ll be fine. After all, his future fiancé Prince Jed is said to have little interest in anything but battle. Nicole’s new kingdom proves to be a place of dangerous secrets, where princes and princesses plot ruthlessly against one another to seize the throne. No one here is exactly what they seem, even cold Prince Jed. As lies are uncovered and Nicole and Jed grow closer, their position becomes ever more dangerous. To Nicole, Jed is the role model he always wanted; to Jed, Nicole is a dangerous distraction. Can he allow his feelings for Nicole to grow and still protect himself and his family? Can they preserve their charade? What happens when Princess Elena is found?  Boy Princess is an entertainingly melodramatic Korean manwha with attractive art; the costumes and hair are spectacular. It’s nice to see a twist on the traditional fantasy cross-dressing tale, and there’s plenty of drama and tension here for boys’ love fans. There’s also some sensuality, though nothing more explicit than the cover (on which the characters appear to be unclothed). Unfortunately, the awkward translation may distract readers from the story. Netcomics offers several promising-looking titles, so one must hope that they’ll solve their readability problems. If they do, Boy Princess‘s Medieval-flavored romance could win a larger following.

Boy Princess volume 1
by Seyoung Kim
ISBN: 9781600090301
Netcomics, 2006

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