Loyola uses food to control her dreams. Potato chips and cottage cheese take her to Antarctica, tapioca over mangos leads her to jungle swamps, but cornbread takes her to Saint Danger. This is where the story begins. Saint Danger has lost his faith in god, but he does believe in Loyola. He introduces her to his dream world, his group the San Peligran Order, and his vision for saving humanity. Loyola loves him, but after seeing his plans, she isn’t sure his vision matches hers. Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order is a small comic, but it packs a punch. Loyola is an engaging and clever character that’s easy to love, as are her friends. The questions this comic raises about faith and love are the kind that seem simple on the surface, but run very deep. Not looking for that much depth? Check this one out anyway, it won’t make you work unless you want to. This is a fun, engaging, and refreshing story that’s suitable for all ages.

Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order
by Gene Yang
ISBN: 9781593620059
SLG, 2004

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