“He’s no match from my chinchilla of doom!” Oh yes, dear reader, chinchillas of doom and much much more await you in Slop: Analecta. It’s funny, sometimes crass, sometimes dark, but always interesting. Slop: Analecta is a small collection of the mini-comic Slop, created by Dave Crossland and Debbie (who’s real name is Debenski). The internet isn’t telling me a lot about the history of Slop, but apparently it was a small comic produced independently by these two for about five years. (The internet doesn’t tell me, however, which five years these actually were. I’m assuming something close to 2000 – 2005, but that’s a guess.) Most of collection is creative, beautifully drawn, and genuinely funny. The drawing style varies from neat precise pencil drawings to thick ink and graffiti styled art. Each comic included is just a few pages long and they include modern “ballads” reminiscent of Ted Naifiah, a series of mad, panel defying comic strips called “The Adventures of Kung Fu Bus Boy”, and a little something named “Chernobyl Christmas.” I hadn’t heard of Slop, Dave Crossland, or Debbie until I read this, but I’ll be keeping a look out from now on. If you’re looking for a taste of what’s going on in the “indie” end of the comic world this is a great taste, but with a few moments of language and nudity, I’d recommend this for older readers.

Slop: Analecta
by Dave Crossland and Debbie
ISBN: 9781582404943
Image Comics, 2005

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