Marv is an ox of a man – ugly, violent and big. He’s the kind of man who can’t even get a date with a hooker. Goldie is a dame with a body to die for. When she picks him up and takes him home he doesn’t question his good luck until she wakes up dead in his bed the next morning. Her kindness to him and his love for her send him on a spree to avenge her death while evading the people trying to frame him for her murder. His mission is complicated by the appearance of her twin sister and the kidnapping of his parole officer by a serial killer with a taste for female flesh, literally.

This is, so far, my favorite of the Sin City books. Marv is endearing in his ultra-violent little way. Lucille, his parole officer, is interestingly complex which is impressive given how little time there is to build her character. Kevin, the serial killer, is seriously creepy. And Goldie, despite the fact that she’s dead for 5/6th of the book, is convincing as a motive for all of the events.

Sin City, vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye
ISBN 9781593072933
By Frank Miller
Dark Horse 2010 (3rd edition–Sept. 2010)

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