This trade follows directly after the events in War Games. I wasn’t the biggest fan of that series, and I think that Willingham took his characters in some dubious directions. I am, however, appreciating how he is playing out the consequences of what happened in that story arc. Following the deaths of his father, Darla Aquista and Spoiler, Tim may still believe in the mission of Batman and Robin, but he doesn’t have much faith left in Batman himself. In Nightwing’s absence he takes over the patrol of Bludhaven, and is soon joined by Batgirl. Willingham demonstrates an excellent sense of how dysfunctional the Batfamily is, but also how endearing and how committed they can be. I really appreciated the artwork in this volume. The artists have captured the essence of the characters of Robin and Batgirl. You can see the difference in Batgirl’s intuitive, fluid fighting and Robin’s more studied, calculated moves. He understands that these are characters who communicate as much through body language as they do through words, and he uses that to good effect.

Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood
by Bill Willingham, Andersen Gabrych
ISBN: 9781401204334
DC Comics, 2005

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