Guardian of Death Asato Tsuzuki is hospitalized in the Ministry of Hades’ medical wing, nearly comatose after his latest run-in with the phenomenally evil Dr. Muraki. Racing against time and Tsuzuki’s rapidly disintegrating mental state, the Ministry’s staff has discovered that Muraki’s next target is Dr. Satomi, an infamous geneticist known for illegal experimentation with the construction of humans out of stolen body parts. Dr. Satomi’s lab in the basement of Shion University appears to be the last stop in Muraki’s magical plot to raise the dead.

Tsuzuki meanwhile is lost in the depths of his own mind, wracked with guilt over the lives he failed to save in the quest to defeat Muraki. Unaware of his surroundings he alternately lashes out with magical attacks and retreats into unhappy memories, encountering his younger more innocent self in the depths of his mind even as his guardian shiki lay waste to the Ministry’s buildings. (How typical – even while incapacitated by grief Tsuzuki still manages to inflict damage on his surroundings – Tatsumi is already adding up the bill for repairs!) In his dazed state Tsuzuki manages to wander back into Muraki’s clutches, just in time to become the drugged guinea pig in the Doctor’s latest diabolical experiment. Hisoka and Tatsumi know that Tsuzuki is imprisoned in the former Dr. Satomi’s genetics lab, but getting past Muraki’s last line of defense will require all their skill and dedication… and even then it may be too late to save Tsuzuki from self-inflicted martyrdom.

Volume 8 marks Muraki’s last appearance in the series, although his death is never confirmed. After his harrowing journey Tsuzuki is more than happy to retreat into his familiar happy-go-lucky persona, running up huge restaurant bills and terrorizing the Ministry’s librarians with his destructive tendencies. Hisoka and Tsuzuki’s bond is stronger than ever beneath their bickering… and if the Ministry’s budget can cover all the structural damage their world in the afterlife will be good as new. Tsuzuki will never forget what Muraki forced him to live though, but with this final confrontation he and Hisoka finally seem ready to move on.

Descendants of Darkness, vol. 8
Yoko Matsushita
ISBN: 9781421501154
Viz, 2005

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