Gotham is in chaos and Batman’s involvement is making it that much worse. Spoiler’s ill conceived plan to get back into Batman’s good graces has resulted in all out gang warfare on the streets of Gotham. Batman finally recognizes the situation as a theoretical war game he devised and coerces a reluctant police department into giving him command of the GCPD in a last ditch effort to end the fighting. What Batman doesn’t know is that the lynchpin of his plan, Orpheus, has been killed and his killer, Black Mask, has taken his place. When Batman’s plan disintegrates the Police Commissioner loses what remains of his patience and gives the order that everyone in a costume is to be considered a fair target. By the end of the story Batman’s hubris has cost him Spoiler’s life, Oracle’s respect and Leslie’s patience. Nightwing is wounded, and Robin (Tim Drake) is burying his father and two friends. I haven’t been the biggest fan of this series, but I liked this volume. Willingham played his storylines out to their logical, and painful, conclusions. I also like the way this particular volume got told. Because so many different characters were involved, and the plot played itself out across so many separate comics lines you get to see the progression of events from the point of view of each different character. It reminds you that Batman’s focus is only one point of view. Catwoman, Nightwing, Spoiler, Batgirl, Oracle, Robin, Leslie and Alfred are all part of this battle, but they are fighting for different reasons and carrying different burdens into the fight.

Batman: War Games, Act 3–Endgame
by Bill Willingham, Ed Brubaker, Anderson Gabrych, Devin Grayson, Dylan Horrocks, AJ Leiberman
ISBN: 9781401204310
DC Comics, 2005

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