The traumatic and shocking events at the end of the last volume have had a lasting effect on all the students at the Xavier Institute, but none more so than Storm. In the midst of their grief and anger the X-Men are called on to face a serial killer who is targeting young mutants in New York. Xavier reluctantly allows the older students to try and find the killer, named Sinister, but insists that the younger members of the school remain in safety creating divisions and resentment among the students. In the end we get to know many of the younger students better when Sinister targets the school, also conveniently allowing a kicking off point for future plots involving the heretofore lesser known characters in the Ultimate X-Men universe. The art conveyed a nice sense of shading and shadow which echoed the plot well, but I found many of the characters to be too chiseled looking and too angular.

Ultimate X-Men, vol. 9: The Tempest
ISBN: 9780785114048
By Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Brandon Peterson
Marvel Comics 2004

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