In the previous volume Cyclops, Wolverine and Shadowcat were all dispatched off to the Savage Land to investigate some mysterious and suspicious goings-on. Now Wolverine and Shadowcat have returned, but sans Cyclops, and without a particularly good explanation as to why. Jean exercising her new powers accuses Wolverine of killing Scott in order to have a chance at her love; an accusation which rocks the X-Men and readers alike. This volume also marks the explosive return of Magneto. Freed from his artificial memory block Magneto’s first order of business is to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge with maximum carnage. The President squarely places the blame for this on Professor Xavier for concealing that Magneto was still alive. When the X-Men resist capture the US government sends the Ultimates (a conglomeration of superheroes, including Thor and Captain America, who are long standing Marvel characters and occupy their own universe) after them. The battle between the X-Men and the Ultimates is interesting, but perhaps a little drawn out because we know that the final showdown will be between the X-Men and the newly re-formed Brotherhood. There are also some interesting points about the relationship between Magneto and his children Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and their decisions about the Brotherhood in his absence. While this volume is filled with action, its focus is on consequences – Professor X’s decision to leave Magneto alive, Wolverine’s actions in the Savage Land, Beast’s on-line indiscretion.

Ultimate X-Men, vol. 5: Ultimate War
ISBN: 9780785111290
by Mark Millar
Art by Adam Kubert and Chris Bachalo
Marvel Comics 2003

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