The X-Men made their first appearance in the 1960’s. In the intervening four decades the X-Men mythos has been reinvented any number of times. However, the central message of tolerance and the struggle for acceptance that the X-Men represent remains unchanged and relevant. Ultimate X-Men is the latest incarnation of the series, updating the comic’s context while retaining its core plot lines. It is both an accessible introduction to the universe for first time readers, and a worthy next generation for long time fans. This first volume of Ultimate X-Men introduces the main characters, and establishes their origin stories. We meet Jean Gray (Marvel Girl), Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Professor Xavier who form the core of the X-Men. During the course of this volume the first round of X-Men are recruited to Professor X’s cause – Ororo Munroe (Storm), Hank McCoy (Beast), Bobby (Iceman) and (Colossus). We are also introduced to the opposing side, Magneto and his followers in the Brotherhood of Mutants. Mark Millar quickly establishes the central conflict between the X-men who seek to integrate into humanity by promoting understanding of mutants, and the Brotherhood who see themselves as the next evolutionary step and humanity as expendable. Miller manages to write a briskly paced story without compromising the voices of his characters. His text is accompanied by beautiful artwork from Andy and Adam Kubert (check out volume 3 for a stunning portrait of everyone’s favorite bad-boy, Wolverine).

Ultimate X-Men, vol. 1: The Tomorrow People
ISBN: 9780785107880
by Mark Millar
Art by Adam Kubert and Andy Kubert
Marvel Comics 2002

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