Tim Drake is the third boy to wear the Robin suit, but he’s the first one who’s had to break curfew to do it. The question is, what happens when his parents find out? How would you react if you found out your 16 year old son was running around Gotham in the middle of the night in brightly colored spandex fighting criminals with a much older man who named himself after a flying rodent? Yeah. That’s about how Tim’s father reacted too.

There has been a lot of discussion and dissention about what Bill Willingham did and is doing with the Robin storyline. I liked this volume, I thought it asked some introspective questions about why Tim wanted to be Robin and where he sees himself in the future. I wanted more of the book to be about the aftermath of Tim’s parents finding out, rather than most of the book being the lead up to that. But, all in all I think this was an interesting direction to take the Robin story arc. I wasn’t thrilled with the artwork in this book. People’s faces often seem oddly misformed, and half the time Batman and Robin look almost Asian.

Robin: Unmasked!
ISBN: 1401202357
By Bill Willingham
Art by Francisco Rodriguez de la Fuente, Rick Mays
DC Comics 2004

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